Orlando to Clearwater: 4 Best Ways

Orlando to Clearwater: 4 Best Ways to Get There

Orlando to Clearwater

Orlando, located in the center of Florida, is a sanctuary for those who enjoy theme parks. On the other side, people who yearn for beach and surf love the Gulf Coast treasure of Clearwater. It only makes sense to travel to both locations if you want to fully enjoy your Florida vacation. Fortunately, Orlando and Clearwater are only separated by 106 miles, making it easy to travel there in a variety of ways.

Taking the bus is the only method to go from Orlando to Clearwater more quickly, easily, and affordably than by automobile. If there isn’t much traffic, a rental car will get you to Clearwater in less than two hours. Other longer and more expensive choices include taking a train or a plane, but they will still get you where you need to go.

Alternately, you may sign up for a guided tour and simply sit back, unwind, and take it all in. You may enjoy the sun, shop, surf, or go deep sea fishing on a day trip to Clearwater Beach without having to make any preparations.

You may choose the most suitable option from our list of the top methods to get from Orlando to Clearwater.

1) From Orlando to Clearwater by Bus: –

The cheapest method of transportation from Orlando to Clearwater is via bus, however this is not a direct route. Greyhound buses can take anything from three hours and 20 minutes to eight hours to go from the Orlando Bus Station on N. John Young Parkway to the PSTA Transit Center in Pinellas Park-St. Petersburg, depending on the amount of traffic and stops they make along the route.

Orlando to Clearwater

Typically, just one bus ride (in the morning) is available each day. That being said, there could not be any buses booked for this route depending on the time of year you’re planning to go. Check out the Greyhound website to complete your homework before you travel, then make travel arrangements as necessary.

Additionally, there is an Amtrak bus that travels from the Orlando Amtrak station to the St. Petersburg-Clearwater Amtrak Station in around two hours and forty minutes. Whichever bus you decide to take, you’ll need to navigate your way from the bus terminal to Clearwater.

From St. Petersburg to downtown Clearwater, a bus is operated by the PSTA. In roughly an hour and a half, Route 18 transports passengers between 1 Ave N and 6 St N in the heart of St. Petersburg to Park Street Terminal. Alternatively, you can save time by getting in a cab.

2)From Orlando to Clearwater by Plane: –

Despite what the headline suggests, there are no flights that link Orlando and Clearwater. Tampa is the nearest you can reach by air. Flying, however, can almost get you to Clearwater, but keep in mind that it is not a straight route, that it will take some time, and that it will cost you a lot of money.Orlando to Clearwater

Air travel is the most expensive way to go from Orlando to Clearwater. First, you need to book a flight with a carrier like American Airlines, Spirit Airlines, or Delta. They take off from Orlando International Airport and finally land at Tampa International Airport. We use the word eventually since the majority of these flights include several layovers, which can extend your journey time to anywhere between 2.5 and 10 hours.

You’ll need to call a cab, hire a car, or board a bus after landing at Tampa International Airport. Regardless of the route you take, it will take you an additional 40 to well over an hour to reach Clearwater. The only good news is that it takes less than 25 minutes to travel the measly 22 miles from Orlando International Airport to downtown Orlando. That implies that the initial leg of your travel won’t be too long.

3) From Orlando to Clearwater by Train: –

Depending on the route you take, using the train may be one of the slowest and least direct methods to travel from Orlando to Clearwater. The closest Amtrak station is at Pinellas Park, which is 13 miles southeast of Clearwater. This is referred to as the St. Petersburg-Clearwater Station and serves St. Petersburg as well.

From Orlando to Clearwater by train

Direct Amtrak trains from Orlando to St. Petersburg-Clearwater station take around two hours and forty minutes. Although you most likely won’t need to make hotel reservations for such a short journey, upgrading to a cabin is an opulent way to travel. Every room is equipped with beds, towels, a shower, a private bathroom, and free meals.

Speaking of food, the ship has a café where you may stop for a quick snack or drink to pass the time and satisfy your appetite.

You’ll need to go to Clearwater once you get there. Hailing a cab or using a vehicle service, which will take little over 20 minutes, is the quickest and easiest choice. Taking a bus to Clearwater at a nearby curbside bus stop is another smart move. About an hour will pass throughout this.

Take the train to Tampa Union Station, which is roughly 23 miles east of Clearwater, as an alternative. It will take roughly two hours to go by rail from Orlando to Tampa. You may take a cab, which will take around 40 minutes without traffic, or a bus, which will take about two hours, to get from the station.

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4) From Orlando to Clearwater by Private Transfer: –

Consider booking a private service from Orlando to Clearwater if you want to avoid dealing with public transit or renting a car. Door-to-door transportation is provided by private transfer services in a private vehicle, usually a sedan or minivan.

From Orlando to Clearwater

The following is a private shuttle service from Orlando to Clearwater provided by Viator, which includes pick-up from a qualified driver.

The following is part of the private transfer from Orlando to Clearwater:

  • Welcome assistance.
  • one-way, exclusive transfer
  • Gratuities and tips
  • One normal suitcase (extras are charged)
  • Suitable for strollers
  • infant seats are offered.

From Orlando, a Day Trip to Clearwater Beach: –

With a day trip from Orlando to Clearwater Beach, you may spend the day in paradise. At one of Florida’s most beautiful beaches, relax in the sand and take in the sun. The water temperature at Clearwater Beach is generally pleasant throughout the year, although it is particularly warm in the summer.

Upgrade your day to include a thrilling journey on the Sea Screamer ferry cruise or a deep-sea fishing adventure if you’re feeling very daring.

On this lightning-fast speedboat, thrill-seekers will adore tearing through the gulf. This trip includes pickup and drop-off from convenient Orlando locations, allowing you to make the most of every second of your experience.

Included in this Clearwater Beach Experience are: –

  1. Lunch, if desired
  2. Optional activity, if selected
  3. Orlando’s centralized pickup spots for pickup and drop-off services
  4. Local levies
  5. Soda or Pop
  6. Gratuities


Planning road excursions from Orlando to Clearwater (or even Fort Myers to Clearwater) is, all things considered, a fantastic opportunity to see the best of both worlds—great scenery, thrilling attractions, and lovely natural places along the way.

As you can see, there are many of fantastic activities, routes, and stops if you start early and do enough study. Don’t let the planning intimidate you. Whether you’re planning a day trip from Clearwater, Florida, to Orlando, Florida, or the other way around, the trip will be full of many special moments and adventures.


Therefore, why not go on your own and begin making new memories and experiences? It’s time to get on the road and begin your ideal day trip from Orlando to Clearwater!

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