Victoria in December | top 10 things to Do in 2023

Victoria in December weather: –

In comparison to November, the weather in Victoria is colder and drier in December. Victoria in December the average day high is 7 degrees Celsius, while at night it drops to a chilling 1 degrees. The amount of precipitation is 142 mm on average, virtually all of which falls as rain; however, snow does occasionally surprise us. Our generally moderate temperature means that even when it does snow, it rarely lasts for very long because it usually heats up straight afterwards.

Victoria in December

However, every few years, the weather is favorable for significant snowfalls, and as a result, circumstances in the city can swiftly worsen. The major cause of this is a lack of snow-related equipment (mostly because we don’t often use it). Therefore, if it snows, it will either evaporate rapidly or effectively shut down the city!

Dressing for the Weather (Victoria in December): –

On December 21, 2022, winter will officially begin. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we normally dress for the season with wool socks, hats, sweaters, gloves, and scarves. It is best to dress in layers, and a 3-in-1 waterproof jacket and waterproof shoes are great.

1) A waterproof outer layer that may be worn alone as a light to medium-weight jacket (honestly, don’t even bother if the jacket is not waterproof). For the winter, you might desire a heavier-weight outer layer, depending on your degree of comfort and activity.

2) An insulating, warm inner layer that may be worn alone for warmth, such as polar fleece or down (or a synthetic equivalent).

3) A warm, waterproof coat when the inside and outer layers are fastened together with a zipper or snaps.

When it comes time to replace my current jacket, which is a 3-in-1 by Columbia (identical to this one), I’ll probably choose for an arc’teryx jacket. They are fashionable, useful coats that were created and put through testing in British Columbia.

Depending on when in December you go, you’ll either see the start of eagle season or the conclusion of the salmon run season, when over 30,000 fish have returned to the river to breed and die. At this time, a large number of eagles (as well as many other scavengers) return to the park to feast on the salmon.

If you’re in Victoria in December and have the good fortune to witness it, I highly recommend taking your camera and visiting Goldstream Provincial Park.

If you adore Mother Nature, then a vacation to Tofino and Pacific Rim National Park should be on your agenda. Although you could fly in a fraction of the time with Tofino Air, the breathtaking landscape alone makes the about 4-5 hour drive from Victoria worthwhile. And the season for observing storms will be right around the corner!

Tofino welcomes tourists from all over the world to come and view the spectacular sky and smashing waves of a furious Pacific Ocean from the beginning of November to the end of February. Although there are other lodging alternatives in the area, many people choose the seaside Wickaninnish Inn. Consult Tourism Tofino for suggestions.

The Magic of Christmas show at Butchart Gardens is another popular December activity in Victoria among locals and visitors alike. The Twelve Days of Christmas display, traditional carolers, ice skating, and, of course, hot chocolate and gingerbread by the fire are all available here, along with colorfully lighted gardens.

Early in November 2021, when the gardens were starting to be decorated, we went there. After that, we enjoyed two more visits: one in the middle of December and one on Christmas Eve as a family trip. The park was quite crowded in some areas because many individuals had the same intention. Butchart Gardens is proposing that guests attending the Magic of Christmas exhibit in 2022 reserve a time slot.

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Top 10 things To Do in 2023(Victoria in December)


1. The Butchart Gardens Christmas Lights – (December 1 – January 6)


Victoria in December

As we welcome the holiday season, there is something about the brightness of colorful Christmas lights that makes us happy. Fortunately, The Butchart Gardens Christmas Lights Tour is a great place to start looking for beautiful decorations.

On December 1, witness the grounds magically turn into a winter wonderland with the flick of a switch at the annual Light Up ceremony. After that, explore The Gardens’ twisting paths to find an infinite supply of shimmering and dancing lights. Be sure to look out for the 12 Days of Christmas festive characters as you go!

2. Winter Afternoon Tea at Pendray – December 1 – 31

Victoria in December

The historic Pendray Inn & Tea House is just one minute’s walk from Clipper’s Victoria terminal. Cozy up with a mouthwatering Winter Afternoon Tea there and enjoy festive treats like cremini mushroom crostini with shaved Parmigiano and house-made bacon jam, freshly baked scones, a spiced pumpkin tart, and more.

3. Celebrate the Holidays at the Empress – (December 1 – 31)

Victoria in December


With a flurry of holiday customs, celebrate the season like royalty at the Fairmont Empress. Enjoy their famed seasonal sandwiches and delectable sweets like Christmas fruitcake, peppermint macaroons, and more as part of a festive afternoon tea.

The beautiful melody of traditional Christmas carols coming from neighborhood carolers and sparkling holiday decorations around complete the vintage holiday charm.

For some steaming drinks and a roasty toasty s’more during Christmas on the Veranda from December 18 through 20 or December 24 through 27, grab your coat and head out onto the hotel’s harbor-front balcony. Or head to the elegant Q Bar for a little bit more sophisticated celebrations with their selection of contemporary takes on traditional Christmas drinks.

4. Christmas in Old Victoria Walking Tour – (December 1 – 31)

Victoria in December

On a stroll around Old Victoria, discover how the holidays were initially observed in this historic gold-rush metropolis. Pass some of the city’s most famous and historic structures as you stroll by them lit up.

Your expert guide will offer stories while you walk, including a First Nations tale, a fight that took place on Christmas Day at Fort Victoria, and a hilarious incident from Emily Carr’s youth.

5. Christmas at Craigdarroch Castle – (December 1 – 31)

Victoria in december

Visit the beautiful Craigdarroch Castle for more nostalgic holiday fun and to see how the Dunsmuir family spent Christmas more than a century ago. The castle, a national historic site constructed during Queen Victoria’s reign, is filled with holiday decorations in all 39 of its rooms, including several Christmas trees, ornamented mantles, vintage toys, and apparel. Don’t miss three kid concerts with lots of clowning about and festive music played by local artists.

6. Holiday Cocktail Making – (December 2)

Victoria in December

It’s time to learn how to encapsulate the genuine spirit of Christmas in a cup of cinnamon spice and alcoholic treats. This interactive course will teach you how to improve your cocktail making, whether you’re entertaining for the holidays or just looking forward to cuddling up by the fire with a festive drink. This year’s Raise the Bar: Toasty Toddies will include three dishes using regional booze that you can make at home.

7. Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s Nutcracker – (December 2 – 4)

Victoria in December

Get in the Christmas spirit by watching a parody of the Nutcracker ballet, performed by the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, the oldest ballet group in North America. This iconic performance, set to the opulent sounds of the Victoria Symphony, includes a pond hockey match, a fight on Parliament Hill, Mounties, and a cast of adorable Canadian animals!

8. Truck Light Convoy and Food Drive – (December 3)

Victoria in december

There is never a bad time of year to visit Ogden Point with its stunning Breakwater wall and west-facing shoreline. It is, nevertheless, genuine enchantment during the Christmas season! Start your holiday celebrations as dusk falls and watch a spectacular, light-adorned caravan of 80 commercial vehicles go across the city to liven up the streets.

9. Holiday Movie Night at Oak Bay Beach Hotel – (December 6 – 21)

Victoria in December

The Oak Bay Beach Hotel is offering a crowd-pleasing pizza supper every night in December along with a variety of classic Christmas movies, including It’s a Wonderful Life and Elf. A theater-sized screen and a bucket of freshly popped popcorn round out the fun family activities for a truly extraordinary Christmas movie night!

10. Christmas Centerpiece Workshop – (December 7)

Victoria in December

This December, give your dining room table a luxurious makeover with a dash of flair. Put create a holiday centerpiece that suits your taste with assistance from the pros at Platinum Floral Designs as you sit back, unwind, and chat with friends. Custom centerpieces are a terrific way to add some Christmas brightness to your house, whether you’re sick of the same old decorations, want something different, or are searching for a fun holiday activity.

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